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Benefits of Green Tea Extract and Correct Dosage

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Camelia Sinensis

tumblr_m6l9r8KDNk1qi77y6Camellia sinensis has different names, like green tea, oolong tea, veregen and black tea. These variants of tea are consumed by people in many ways.  Lots of the benefits of this plant are playing  a main role in the metabolic systems in your body. This plant has it seeds in eastern Asia. Using the extract from this leaf was very famous for the Chinese. Unlike black tea which is produced through fermentation process, green tea is made by drying the leafs.


Eventually, this  drying process has been practised by Chinese medicines  for more than thousand years. The people of China has recommended to drink this tea in traditional ways for their benefits of against ill health. All chemical ingredients of green tea have many abilities supporting certain functions in the  body. The variations in the elements have more polyphenols and smaller caffeine or other elements. This green tea can be found in every climate and processed by modern practices in the harvest season. You have to check the quality to get more confident in planting this plant.

Active Oxygen Species

The most important is, that the usefulness of this tea depends on the antioxidant capacity which can improve your health. Similar to an antioxidant reaction, the reactive oxygen species and chelation from metal ions, like copper and iron, can be more active than the other tea. According to research studies, catechine in green tea is a more potential element than the other supplements in black tea.

The dose for this tea differs from other sorts.The combination of many elements in it means more combination effects in your body. Indeed, the polyphenol EGCG increases the activity from this antioxidant. Overall, this organic element can also increase chemoprotection and avoid cancer cells. Additional, this polyphenols can protect cells from damages like tumors by entering the gap of junction in cells. This tea is able to block the tumor growth and keep the tumor away from many organs such as stomach, colon, esophagus, or small intestine. Besides, this element can induce the variety cells like apoptosis. A daily intake of 3 to 5 cups/days will be providing some more catechins. Consider,  that the daily consumption must be tried. The results of the trials decide on the dosages. For a cardiovascular effect, you can consume the catechins in dosages. The anogenital warts can be dropped out in 3 times per day. Anyway, daily dosages with more than 800 mgs per day catechine, ECGG, can cause adverse reactions, like GI symptoms, disease or even headache. The capsules are easier to handle, if the multi-dose of pharmacy site would suggest, that consuming capsules or pills in four weeks is more safe. Finally the big risk for drinking this tea is cancer which can be caused by the amounts of dosing. Anyway, vitamin K in green tea can increase the anticoagulant effect. The consumption of it can reduce the folic acid and absorb iron metals.

There are some researches suggesting that consuming three to four cups of Matcha  green tea in each day can provide your body of some of these polyphenols and the other active elements. Anyway, this process will give you a small amount of caffeine and an equivalent size of large Matcha tea.


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