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What are The Best Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss?

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Extract of Green Tea

The green tea is usually known for being a dietary supplement. After it has been discovered in China, most people in the world trust this plant to be the natural way of losing weight. These extracts from tea have many benefits for human body and some of these elements like all active compounds can help you to lose your pounds. Now, many organic companies have made instant green tea in packets to assure many people in the world can afford it.

Lots of people use instant pills as their dietary supplements. It can be risk a, unfortunately, although it shows fantastic results. Indeed, green tea with dietary elements can lead to lower weight in the cheapest way. Clearly, this leaf tea can help you to lose your weight by brewing up the leafs. All vitamins and healthy elements in it can improve your immune and circulation system. Maybe one can say that pills are the easy way, but natural ways are always healthier. Anyway, the best green tea supplements for your weight loss are poly phenols. If you drink two or three cups of green tea in your daily life, it benefits your health, especially because of active ingredients. The more milligrams poly phenols the more effective is the protection of your body cells from any damage. The antioxidants compounds can increase your metabolism and reduce your fat mass to more slight. But, the other important supplement in green tea which helps losing weight is caffeine. As we know, caffeine can increased your heart rate, frequent urination and anxiety.


Research Results for the Best Green Tea Supplements

Unfortunately there can be side effects of caffeine. Similar to the others, this tea has also caffeine with many elements. In some cases, green tea can interact with some medicine like blood thinners medicine or even birth control pills, that´s why you should be careful by consuming it.

Catechins found in green tea, like epigallocatechin gallate or EGCg, gallocatechin gallate (GCG), epicatechin gallate (ECG), and many poly phenols families can help you to lose weight. Furthermore, in caffeine there is theophylline, theaflavins, phenolic acids, theobromine or even theanine in small amounts, unlike in coffee. So it can be more effective than coffee without being a big risk. Some chemical analyses have profound that it benefits your health because of the metabolites like the poly phenols elements.


Instable Health because of Green Tea

However, variation in catechins led to prepare an instable health. Many hydrocarbons in this tea are vitally important to increase the levels to infuse. The alkaloids and flavonoids from fresh tea also have a more and more higher function for the body.

The impact of weight on human body like cardiovascular risk and glucose homeostasis is so high because fat in the body leads to risks in many health factors. As it is said in recent research, the green tea will be determined as agent in cancer and play an important role for prevention. Besides this green tea helps to fight stroke syndromes and protects from the attacks of UV light to human skin. UV light can damage any skin disease, even though our skin is very important. Since hundreds of years green tea has been the solution for human problems. It shows us how nature always has its own way to fix many problems of this world.


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What is the best green tea for your health?

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Matcha Green Tea

Four facts about this tea: Beautifying, energizing, low costs and healthy.

matchateapowdersWhat´s different between matcha green tea and regular green tea? Matcha green tea consists of fine powder in its formation. This tea is made in a stone- or graniteground, so consuming matcha means consuming many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. There are some reasons why you should choose matcha green tea over regular green tea. First, this matcha has rich nutrients. Second, it tastes bitterer than the regular green tea, so this kind of tea can blow your mind. Third, matcha has class to their own, even green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, thanks to its antioxidant content. But when it comes to antioxidant, matcha is in a class of its own.


Anyway, regular green tea may slow the aging process, inside and outside. Some scientists say that you need to drink 10 cups regular green tea, at least for a day, but you need just one cup per a day matcha green tea to fully experience anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging. Additionally, similar to the other green tea, matcha green tea can protect your precious skin from damages of sun. Large amounts of these antioxidants can prove it. Moreover, this tea could eliminate bad cholesterol in your blood and also improve the ratio of those. Last but not least the high chlorophyll in matcha green tea can cleanse your blood.


Chlorophyll is the powerful substance which can detoxifier and that helps your body system to eliminate the toxic substances as well as the heavy metals from the body. Matcha green tea can rate your metabolic by more boosting plus burning your fat. Besides, this kind of tea also helps your body to regulate your own blood sugar and prevents the insulin for spiking the resulting of fat in storage. Unfortunately, Matcha green tea is pricey. You can get more cups with only few grams this leaf. So, very simple isn’t it? This green tea, like regular green tea, also can fight against cancer. According to studies, EGCG is mainly responsible for that. Additionally, this tea helps to normalize your blood pressure and withstand a change of it. Furthermore, if you drink this tea regularly, you can protect your brain cells from the attacker Alzheimer. Surely, that amino acid, which can be found in this tea, can improve your mood and concentration to be more relaxed. Such as meditation, L-theanine which is one of the family’s amino acid, can increase the alpha wave activity for promoting well being and relaxation.


This tea leaf is from Japan and very effectively for end up drinking in sunny days. This kind of tea has over 100 EGCG in time if you brewed this green tea entire ground to consuming the best tea. This kind of tea has a high quality of steamed and roasted without any additives for rich nutrient. But, be careful because by drinking some green tea to hope that your antioxidant levels can be more high, you must know that lead was found in the leafs of green tea. So, not all green tea is same. Although in many studies, drinking green tea has been proven to be the easiest way to lower any risks of disease, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

Some database from USA in 2007 says, that the flavanoid compounds of green tea can be less in catechins, if you do more process of it. Bear in mind, that bottled and instant green tea is never fresher than organic green tea. If you want to keep organic green tea, you have to store it in a dry and dark place. Consider, that you can’t store this plant in refrigerators because it will mix with the other things, like food and moisture. You should trick the tea bags always fresh.

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Benefits of Green Tea Extract and Correct Dosage

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Camelia Sinensis

tumblr_m6l9r8KDNk1qi77y6Camellia sinensis has different names, like green tea, oolong tea, veregen and black tea. These variants of tea are consumed by people in many ways.  Lots of the benefits of this plant are playing  a main role in the metabolic systems in your body. This plant has it seeds in eastern Asia. Using the extract from this leaf was very famous for the Chinese. Unlike black tea which is produced through fermentation process, green tea is made by drying the leafs.


Eventually, this  drying process has been practised by Chinese medicines  for more than thousand years. The people of China has recommended to drink this tea in traditional ways for their benefits of against ill health. All chemical ingredients of green tea have many abilities supporting certain functions in the  body. The variations in the elements have more polyphenols and smaller caffeine or other elements. This green tea can be found in every climate and processed by modern practices in the harvest season. You have to check the quality to get more confident in planting this plant.

Active Oxygen Species

The most important is, that the usefulness of this tea depends on the antioxidant capacity which can improve your health. Similar to an antioxidant reaction, the reactive oxygen species and chelation from metal ions, like copper and iron, can be more active than the other tea. According to research studies, catechine in green tea is a more potential element than the other supplements in black tea.

The dose for this tea differs from other sorts.The combination of many elements in it means more combination effects in your body. Indeed, the polyphenol EGCG increases the activity from this antioxidant. Overall, this organic element can also increase chemoprotection and avoid cancer cells. Additional, this polyphenols can protect cells from damages like tumors by entering the gap of junction in cells. This tea is able to block the tumor growth and keep the tumor away from many organs such as stomach, colon, esophagus, or small intestine. Besides, this element can induce the variety cells like apoptosis. A daily intake of 3 to 5 cups/days will be providing some more catechins. Consider,  that the daily consumption must be tried. The results of the trials decide on the dosages. For a cardiovascular effect, you can consume the catechins in dosages. The anogenital warts can be dropped out in 3 times per day. Anyway, daily dosages with more than 800 mgs per day catechine, ECGG, can cause adverse reactions, like GI symptoms, disease or even headache. The capsules are easier to handle, if the multi-dose of pharmacy site would suggest, that consuming capsules or pills in four weeks is more safe. Finally the big risk for drinking this tea is cancer which can be caused by the amounts of dosing. Anyway, vitamin K in green tea can increase the anticoagulant effect. The consumption of it can reduce the folic acid and absorb iron metals.

There are some researches suggesting that consuming three to four cups of Matcha  green tea in each day can provide your body of some of these polyphenols and the other active elements. Anyway, this process will give you a small amount of caffeine and an equivalent size of large Matcha tea.


Matcha green tea


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Green Tea Capsules Are Effective Supplements

The questions has actually been asked by many people, would certainly you be able to acquire benefits from eco-friendly tea capsules than by consuming the tea. As per late medical, the answer is yes you do get benefits, especially if it is joined with various supplements as a multi vitamin. Supplements that work in participating power together are a lot more effective at providing you healthy and balanced perks.

Eco-friendly tea capsules are strong in cancer prevention representatives. Researches done have validated that the cancer cells avoidance agent motion is more significant for capsules than drinking the actual tea list below 8 hours. The cell reinforcement motion has been thought to help maintain certain lumps.

Even more individuals are opening to green tea pills over drinking the actual tea. One of the reasons is to escape the high levels of caffeine. The benefits of environment-friendly tea separate, which is discovered in the pills, is an increment in fatty tissue smoldering capacities. Additionally, individuals will certainly similarly have an increment in insulin affect-ability. This clearly is extremely valuable for diabetics.

An additional factor people take eco-friendly tea pills is that they merely detest drinking tea. Thusly you get the advantages without having to consume the tea.

The Chinese have been using this tea for very a long time because of its recuperating qualities. There make certain combines discovered in the tea that are approved to be the objective behind its amazing health advantages. Presently you could not a lot give a reservation what these specific mixes are however no matter they are epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, gallic harsh and also epigallocatechin gallate.

Different benefits completed from eco-friendly tea pills or concentrate incorporate minimized cholesterol levels, which could possibly minimize the probability of obtaining coronary health problem. Included benefits integrate neutralizing surprise stomachs as well as migraine headaches.

Environment-friendly tea pills are similarly thought to aid lessen the tiny microorganisms that cause plaque on your teeth too. Accurately, if you lower cavity enducing plaque, you lessen the opportunity for pits. As you see, there are lots of perks to this supplement. You would see a considerably more popular increment in wellness advantages with a multi-vitamin supplement that contains various supplements aside from the green tea separate.

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The Health Benefits Of Taking Green Tea Capsules

Drinking tea is popular among many people, however there are some people who do not like drinking tea, one of the popular the tea variety that is becoming more popularly used tea is the green tea, the green has considered clients who drinking tea is not their liking and so they have gone ahead and manufactured the green tea capsules. Green tea leaves are dried and put in a capsular form, catechin EGCG one of the most beneficial elements in the green tea is extracted and put into a tablet form.

Green tea capsules offers a convenient way to obtain the active ingredients or constituents of green tea in a concentrated form. Before taking green tea capsules make sure you eat do not take on an empty stomach, also make sure you buy green tea capsules which are high quality from a healthy food store, taking green tea capsules is as effective as drinking green tea. Green tea capsules has health benefits and these includes the following :

1. Brain booster
Green tea capsules increase brain function it makes you stay awake and active, also makes you think smarter and reacts very quickly.

2. Reduces cancer
The green tea capsules has antioxidants which when they breaks down they boost your immunity and reduces the risk of your getting cancer of the breast and prostate cancer.

3. Lose weight
By taking green tea capsules it increases the metabolism rate hence more food are utilized and this will lower the risk of you becoming obese.

4. Cardiovascular diseases
Taking green tea capsules reduces the chances of you getting diseases like heart attack and stroke.

5. Live longer
When you take green tea capsules you reduce chances of heart disease and stroke you will definitely live more longer than you have if you did not take green tea capsules. It is important not to take more than the recommended dose and so for dietary supplements take one tablet of green tea capsules daily.