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The Health Benefits Of Taking Green Tea Capsules

Drinking tea is popular among many people, however there are some people who do not like drinking tea, one of the popular the tea variety that is becoming more popularly used tea is the green tea, the green has considered clients who drinking tea is not their liking and so they have gone ahead and manufactured the green tea capsules. Green tea leaves are dried and put in a capsular form, catechin EGCG one of the most beneficial elements in the green tea is extracted and put into a tablet form.

Green tea capsules offers a convenient way to obtain the active ingredients or constituents of green tea in a concentrated form. Before taking green tea capsules make sure you eat do not take on an empty stomach, also make sure you buy green tea capsules which are high quality from a healthy food store, taking green tea capsules is as effective as drinking green tea. Green tea capsules has health benefits and these includes the following :

1. Brain booster
Green tea capsules increase brain function it makes you stay awake and active, also makes you think smarter and reacts very quickly.

2. Reduces cancer
The green tea capsules has antioxidants which when they breaks down they boost your immunity and reduces the risk of your getting cancer of the breast and prostate cancer.

3. Lose weight
By taking green tea capsules it increases the metabolism rate hence more food are utilized and this will lower the risk of you becoming obese.

4. Cardiovascular diseases
Taking green tea capsules reduces the chances of you getting diseases like heart attack and stroke.

5. Live longer
When you take green tea capsules you reduce chances of heart disease and stroke you will definitely live more longer than you have if you did not take green tea capsules. It is important not to take more than the recommended dose and so for dietary supplements take one tablet of green tea capsules daily.