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What are The Best Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss?

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Extract of Green Tea

The green tea is usually known for being a dietary supplement. After it has been discovered in China, most people in the world trust this plant to be the natural way of losing weight. These extracts from tea have many benefits for human body and some of these elements like all active compounds can help you to lose your pounds. Now, many organic companies have made instant green tea in packets to assure many people in the world can afford it.

Lots of people use instant pills as their dietary supplements. It can be risk a, unfortunately, although it shows fantastic results. Indeed, green tea with dietary elements can lead to lower weight in the cheapest way. Clearly, this leaf tea can help you to lose your weight by brewing up the leafs. All vitamins and healthy elements in it can improve your immune and circulation system. Maybe one can say that pills are the easy way, but natural ways are always healthier. Anyway, the best green tea supplements for your weight loss are poly phenols. If you drink two or three cups of green tea in your daily life, it benefits your health, especially because of active ingredients. The more milligrams poly phenols the more effective is the protection of your body cells from any damage. The antioxidants compounds can increase your metabolism and reduce your fat mass to more slight. But, the other important supplement in green tea which helps losing weight is caffeine. As we know, caffeine can increased your heart rate, frequent urination and anxiety.


Research Results for the Best Green Tea Supplements

Unfortunately there can be side effects of caffeine. Similar to the others, this tea has also caffeine with many elements. In some cases, green tea can interact with some medicine like blood thinners medicine or even birth control pills, that´s why you should be careful by consuming it.

Catechins found in green tea, like epigallocatechin gallate or EGCg, gallocatechin gallate (GCG), epicatechin gallate (ECG), and many poly phenols families can help you to lose weight. Furthermore, in caffeine there is theophylline, theaflavins, phenolic acids, theobromine or even theanine in small amounts, unlike in coffee. So it can be more effective than coffee without being a big risk. Some chemical analyses have profound that it benefits your health because of the metabolites like the poly phenols elements.


Instable Health because of Green Tea

However, variation in catechins led to prepare an instable health. Many hydrocarbons in this tea are vitally important to increase the levels to infuse. The alkaloids and flavonoids from fresh tea also have a more and more higher function for the body.

The impact of weight on human body like cardiovascular risk and glucose homeostasis is so high because fat in the body leads to risks in many health factors. As it is said in recent research, the green tea will be determined as agent in cancer and play an important role for prevention. Besides this green tea helps to fight stroke syndromes and protects from the attacks of UV light to human skin. UV light can damage any skin disease, even though our skin is very important. Since hundreds of years green tea has been the solution for human problems. It shows us how nature always has its own way to fix many problems of this world.



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