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What is the best green tea for your health?

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Matcha Green Tea

Four facts about this tea: Beautifying, energizing, low costs and healthy.

matchateapowdersWhat´s different between matcha green tea and regular green tea? Matcha green tea consists of fine powder in its formation. This tea is made in a stone- or graniteground, so consuming matcha means consuming many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. There are some reasons why you should choose matcha green tea over regular green tea. First, this matcha has rich nutrients. Second, it tastes bitterer than the regular green tea, so this kind of tea can blow your mind. Third, matcha has class to their own, even green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, thanks to its antioxidant content. But when it comes to antioxidant, matcha is in a class of its own.


Anyway, regular green tea may slow the aging process, inside and outside. Some scientists say that you need to drink 10 cups regular green tea, at least for a day, but you need just one cup per a day matcha green tea to fully experience anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging. Additionally, similar to the other green tea, matcha green tea can protect your precious skin from damages of sun. Large amounts of these antioxidants can prove it. Moreover, this tea could eliminate bad cholesterol in your blood and also improve the ratio of those. Last but not least the high chlorophyll in matcha green tea can cleanse your blood.


Chlorophyll is the powerful substance which can detoxifier and that helps your body system to eliminate the toxic substances as well as the heavy metals from the body. Matcha green tea can rate your metabolic by more boosting plus burning your fat. Besides, this kind of tea also helps your body to regulate your own blood sugar and prevents the insulin for spiking the resulting of fat in storage. Unfortunately, Matcha green tea is pricey. You can get more cups with only few grams this leaf. So, very simple isn’t it? This green tea, like regular green tea, also can fight against cancer. According to studies, EGCG is mainly responsible for that. Additionally, this tea helps to normalize your blood pressure and withstand a change of it. Furthermore, if you drink this tea regularly, you can protect your brain cells from the attacker Alzheimer. Surely, that amino acid, which can be found in this tea, can improve your mood and concentration to be more relaxed. Such as meditation, L-theanine which is one of the family’s amino acid, can increase the alpha wave activity for promoting well being and relaxation.


This tea leaf is from Japan and very effectively for end up drinking in sunny days. This kind of tea has over 100 EGCG in time if you brewed this green tea entire ground to consuming the best tea. This kind of tea has a high quality of steamed and roasted without any additives for rich nutrient. But, be careful because by drinking some green tea to hope that your antioxidant levels can be more high, you must know that lead was found in the leafs of green tea. So, not all green tea is same. Although in many studies, drinking green tea has been proven to be the easiest way to lower any risks of disease, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

Some database from USA in 2007 says, that the flavanoid compounds of green tea can be less in catechins, if you do more process of it. Bear in mind, that bottled and instant green tea is never fresher than organic green tea. If you want to keep organic green tea, you have to store it in a dry and dark place. Consider, that you can’t store this plant in refrigerators because it will mix with the other things, like food and moisture. You should trick the tea bags always fresh.


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